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Holiday Helpers: Developing Compassion & Empathy

Holidays are a special time for children. There is typically an abundance of family and friends, cooking and baking is plentiful, and special, meaningful traditions are made that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Rather than spending the majority of the season discussing what they hope to be getting for presents or what’s on their individual wish lists, we hope that we can instill a sense of compassion and generosity in our children during this holiday time. It’s important for them to understand that giving can be just as rewarding as receiving.

This Holiday season we’re excited to partner with the Mill Valley Fire Department and Toys for Tots for our local Toy Drive. We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys, books, art supplies, gift cards, and board games for children of all ages. There will be two donation boxes at the school for convenient drop offs. Additionally, each time a donation is made, we allow all our children to partake by witnessing the excitement of giving.


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