Welcome to Our Community Forum!

Old Firehouse School has been part of the Lamorinda/Walnut Creek community for 14 years. As we watch each group of children and their families move through our schools and out into the world, we continue to be aware how essential community is to parents, particularly during their children’s early years. We have been proud to serve as a hub for our families’ needs for connection, discussion, and mutual support.

However, parents are often so overwhelmed by the daily needs of raising a family that forming and maintaining community can be challenging. With all of the information available in our new global media, it can be difficult to find local resources — information and support within our own neighborhoods, discussed in a closer interpersonal context.

We hope to begin filling in that gap with

Each month we will explore a new topic affecting parents of infants to eight-year-olds. We’ll address some of the country’s contemporary parenting controversies, as well as discuss some of the everyday challenges parents face. We’ll ask local experts to weigh in via video interviews and article contributions, providing the added benefit of familiarizing parents with professionals in our area. We’ll also share Old Firehouse School’s point of view.

We hope that this online forum extends our school community outward to Diablo Valley, providing local resources, recommendations, and discussion of the many issues relevant to parents of young children. Thank you for visiting!

Dorothy Stewart, Ed.D.
Executive Director and Founder
Old Firehouse School´╗┐